Dec 17, 2007

The story of the Icelandic Christmas Fish

Iceland has many traditions and specially regarding Christmas. As this will be my first Christmas far away from Iceland I made some special arrangements to get all the traditional food that is required. One of that is a fish called SKATA (not Wanda). This fish is traditionally eaten on the 23rd of December on the day of holy Thorlakur which is our only saint. When you cook the fish the whole house smells and when you eat it then it cleans your "guts", very good. After eating this fish you cook the meet for the 25th and get a nice smell again to your house.

Anyway back to my story. I made arrangements to get this fish. Friend of mine aggreed to take it to Copenhagen where Alfheidur's (my girlfriend) cousin would take it to Leiden. In all this master plan included four people, what could get wrong? Of course something went terrible wrong and my friend didn't get is baggages when he lended at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen. So now I don't know if I get my fish and my friend lost his Christmas food as well.

I'll keep you posted but at the moment it's not looking good...

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