Nov 19, 2007

Heima - trailer

Although I don't like the band or the music then I must opmitt that this film looks promising. I'm going to see you next weekend in Rotterdam, till then enjoy the trailer.

Nov 17, 2007

Do they speak Icelandic everywhere

Business as usual last Friday when I took the train from Leiden to Ams Zuid to my University. I had to meet my work group there to do an assignment, we where not that successful this time around but that's another story. At 15:00 I decided to go back home and ran to the trainstation and just managed to catch the 15:11 train directly to Leiden. Found my way to the lower deck and sat down on the first seat that was free. Suddenly I hear someone speaking close to me in Icelandic, my curiosity went to the roof as I tryied to figure out if I should assist thouse guys or not. I suddanly said "Yes Schiphol is the next station" thay both looked at me wondering what to say. We had a nice 5 min discussion until we arrived at Schiphol airport.

Icelanders are not that many and this was the first time I heard someone speaking in the train Icelandic. But it was funny that yesterday was the day to honor the Icelanic language in Iceland, so I managed to do that although I was in Amsterdam. They do speak Icelandic everywhere!!!

Nov 7, 2007

Where am I going

It's Wednesday and I'm going to Dublin this weekend. My tour will start to morrow and I should have Friday to wander around the city. Saturday is the Irish leaders meeting which ends with a big celebration in the evening and on Sunday I'm flying back to Amsterdam.

I never been in Dublin before. Just heard stories from my parents and friends that have been there for mad Icelandic shopping trips. I will report about my trip when I'm back home.

Later this month I'm going to Kandersteg for another scout meeting. Kandersteg is a wonderful place and I will hopefully see some snow there. It's strange the things you miss when you live in a country that does'nt have any snow during the wintertime, at least a very little.

The time since I left Iceland there hasn't been any storm or anything funny that you can expect back home. So that's thing I really miss. Today it was a bit windy so it was hard to cycle around but that's nothing.

I will try to blogg more and write something interesting next week!