Oct 30, 2007

Fyrst course is finished

I've managed to finish my first course. It was Management studies and during that course we had to publish on a weblog, take challanges and write an essay. I'm so happy that now I finished the first course of my Master studies. Oh time passes quikly it will be over before I know it...

Oct 29, 2007

This is my English blog

Hi I'm back and now in English. We'll I still have my Icelandic version but I decided to try out an English version of my self. My plan is to write something every week at least for the trail period over the next month or so, let's say until christmas.

As you probably know then I'm living in the Netherlands at the moment. There are lot of funny things that happens when you live in a new country and are getting used to new customs. For example then I'm a very spontainious guy normally but the Dutch are not, here you have to plan everything ahead. You can not drop by your friends house for a coffee unless you've planned at least week before. We'll I'm still managing and living here with my girlfriend Alfheidur (alfheidur.blogspot.com).

That's all for now...more coming soon